Integrated pallet guidance and protection barriers Protecting coolroom assets into the future

The Deflection Protection SystemTM is designed to be utilised as a guide for the movement and placement of pallets in and around coolrooms within supermarket operations. The components are designed not to be rigid, but to flex and absorb impact energy and return to their original position. This innovative design allows effective control and management of the impact forces resulting from pallet collision.

Deflection Protection Systems
TM utilise dynamic placement of anchors, combined with our patented load sharing design to distribute load and transfer damaging shear forces in a downward direction. This greatly reduces the force exerted on the fixings and ensures the components will not pull out or come loose, preserving the structural integrity of the concrete slab. This unique product is able to be fixed close to concrete edges, greatly reducing loss of valuable floor space.

The modular system easily allows for the components to be relocated, reused and additional components installed to accommodate operational changes or expansion.

Let Deflection Protection SystemsTM guide the way.

Impact absorbing
Load sharing
Modular laser cut components
Stress relieved
Interchangeable parts
Minimum loss of space
Cuts costly repair bills
Improves operations
Smooth uniform operating surface
Easily cleaned
Improves health and safety
Galvanised finish
Integrated door protection
Professional installation