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Cost Savings

Provides ultimate coolroom protection with minimum
loss of space.

Cuts costly coolroom repair bills.

Deflector and Bollard placement, combined with additional door retraction adjustments, provides maximum protection to the coolroom door.

Prevents stock loss due to coolroom damage.

Prevents energy loss due to coolroom damage.

Eliminates present stock damage and destabilisation of loads caused by pallets passing under current barrier methods which are too high.

Innovative patented designs shield and protect foundation fixings.

Identical laser cut components are easily replaced, reused or relocated.

Coolroom integrity is protected from impact damage, currently causing insulation breakdown, resulting in sweating rooms and icing up of sealed areas, which drastically reduces the effective lifespan of coolrooms and temperature reliant stock.

Essential Benefits for Occupational Health and Safety

Makes daily movement of stock easier, safer and faster for employees, with less physical exertion required.

Protects the doorway capping and door seal area, and halts present damage, which is evident in 99% of stores, that causes exposure and possible short circuit of 240V heater cables. This risk for serious employee injury from electrocution can now be reduced to a safe operating level and beyond.

Addresses and eliminates the contributing factors which are currently causing coolroom doors to be dislodged. This high risk event for employee injury can now be prevented, providing a significantly safer work environment.

Greatly reduces bacteria conducive environments, which are found to be present in the majority of damaged areas.

Dangerous protruding pallet nails are bent in while moving along Deflection Protection System components.

Efficient Operations

Operator no longer has to rely on experience to avoid colliding and damaging coolrooms while manoeuvring in and around these sensitive areas.

Acts as a guidance system during the movement of pallets by providing an easy to use device for the operator to utilise.

Smooth, safe, uniform operating surface.

Effective in narrow isles - pallets can travel along Edge Protection without being impeded.

Safety yellow bollard cap acts as a visual reference point.

New innovative shock absorbing floor stop system is far superior and durable than current methods.

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